Seven Meter Films is a video production company that helps startups, small businesses and consultants with the conception, production and editing and of their video content. 

I will help create that crowd sourcing video to get funding, create online content to generate traffic to your site and capture every great moment from your event.

Run your idea by me! Or let me bring you a few new ideas to the table.  I will work with you to develop the concept for your video.  Sharing your great story is the first step to getting your product, project or event funded.

After establishing a concept, I provide you with a storyboard and shot list that will allow you to imagine exactly what the final product will look like.


My experience shooting onsite as well as in the studio will help you get the best shots needed to showcase your product or service.  I know you are busy running a company, it's my job to make sure we minimize the interruption to your business by coordinating all aspects of the shot. 

From locations, equipment and actors, I take care of it all.  And if you are part of the video, you will be treated like a true movie star for a day! 


Editing the video is where your story will come to life!  Creating your story and working with you every step of the way is what I do best. 

You want some cool music, I can do that.  You want some great text overlay, I can do that.  Subtitles, no problem. 

Once you sign off on a first draft, I get to work adding all the bells and whistles to make your video an instant sensation!

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